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Who we are

Chi siamo

Our history

We were born in 2017 from the merger of a knitwear factory with over 35 years of production experience and 3 textile professionals whose experience can be summarized up to 70 years.

Feeling the current dissatisfaction of apparel companies, we decided to create something different, making the know-how of our 100 years of overall experience available to everyone.

La nostra storia

Our vision

We have 3 fundamental, essential values that guide us in our daily work.


we take TIME AND QUALITY seriously.
We gain the trust of more and more customers every day, building our reputation on facts, meeting delivery dates and quality requirements.

SUSTAINABILITY: looking at the world we live in it is impossible not to think about the environment and actively act to improve and create a better future.

INNOVATION: innovation is a tool to achieve our goals.

We connect it to creativity in style and design, bringing technology into processes and speeding up our logistics.

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La nostra visione

Our production

To meet our commitment to deliver the absolute highest quality in the shortest time possible, we don't rely on our experience alone.

Part of our production is Oekotex certified.

We manage every stage of production, from the purchase of the yarn to the final quality control with the highest standards of quality and attention.
This not only gives us full quality control along the production chain but saves us money so we can continue to ensure fair prices.


Certified by ICEA | ICEA-TX-2144

La nostra produzione
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