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Looking forward our way.


We can make a pre-consumer sustainable version of almost each of our Polyamide and Polyester based fabric. 
Thanks to a process that does not involve any chemicals which would detract sustainability of the end product, this yarn is made exclusively of scraps: the material was unusable in any other way and would have been disposed as external waste.

The discarded material is recast using a mechanical regeneration process after which they return the polymer which is then integrated into further spinning stages. 

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Our strenght doesn't come by itself, looking for us.
We're proud of our design process which is one of the pivot of our know how.

Every item is studied 'on the paper' before the trials on the machine, and as we have the very first rolls we already know how to finish it: we'll give it the best width, thickness and elasticity to be stable along the future production processes.

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Discover our greatest innovation!
Thanks to our proprietary know how, we modified some, already high tech machines to produce what we were really looking for: the Best Fitting fabric!
The only fabric with a 100% recovery and 230% strecth!

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Along our working history we learnt how a proper production management is as important as, creativity and look features.

We invest a lot of time in production planning, in making the right yarn stockings and in running our dyehouse the leanest way.

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